Step-by-step Installation of Windows7 Ultimate with Screenshots

Installation planning(Optional)

Before installation process just go planning of operating system(os) like knowing about your system configuration,Because you can avoid some problems during installation

Follow these important things and plan before starting windows7 installation:-

► Check system requirements
►Determine Disk partioning
►Check the Hardware and software compatibility

According to Microsoft minimum specifications for operating system in the installation of windows7:-

►1-GHZ  32-bit processor or 64-bit processor.
►1 GB of system processor.
►16 GB of Available disk space
►Support for Directx9 graphics with 128MB(to enable the Aero-theme)
►DVD R/W Drive
►Internet Access(To get updates and activate).

Beginning of installation starts from here (step-to-step guide installation of windows7 ultimate)

1.Begin the installation of physical computer with the CD/DVD into DVD drive of your computer and reboot the computer.You will ask to press any key to boot from CD or DVD.Now,press any key You will see a black window,which show loading of files.

2.A  starting windows icon will appear.

3.After some time you will go to pop up computer supported country languages window,select your language and click on 'next'.

4.Now click on "Install Now" Button.(If you want to repair the existing windows click on 'Repair your computer').

5.Now tick at "accept the license terms" and click on "next".

6.Unless you are upgrading existing windows click on upgrade,if not click on custom (advanced).

7.Important step:-partition of hard disk where windows want to install.
New :-
If you are installing windows on new computer hard disk or fully formated computer hard disk.
click on create partition and allocate some space in GB.Make 2 partitions and unallocated space.
select unallocated space (better take more than 50GB) where you want to install windows and click on "Next".
Select some unallocated space (Better take more than 50GB) and click on "Next".

8.Now all setup files are copying from DVD disk to Hard disk of your computer.wait for some time.

9.system will restart now ."Don,t press any key if it again ask for press any key".You will ask for enter sysem name (Ex:-windows-pc).After that clcik on "next"

10.Now coming to the password, "enter password" and "retype password" and also "hint" related to password which can use when you forgot your on next

 11.Now windows will ask for serial license key.If you don't have serial key click on "Next"(installation continues without serial key also).

12.Use recommended settings.

  13.Set up time zone. and "click on next"

14.Select type of network if you are using any internet connections

15.Windows save the settings and redirects to Desktop.(Update all the required through Microsoft from internet).

Enjoy the windows7 Ultimate on your computer.

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