Host Blog Scripts and Files Of Blogger on Dropbox For Free.

Today we are all learning about the hosting of our blogger files and scripts like css,java scripts,html files and more that belong to your blogger.There a site where we can upload the blogger scripts and files.This is a safe procedure of hosting files on a drop box.Drop box provides us about 2Gb of space with 10Gb Band can also get public link of your files.

Part1-The Best Features in Drop are-
1.Synchronization o files through Drop box software.
2.Uploading the files via Drop box.

    Part2- How to Host Blogger scripts and files for free on Drop box.

► Download Drop Box from this official link 
► Run it as adiminstrator.
► Click on Install.


►Automatically the drop box icon installs.

At drop box folder you will see public folder,open it and add your files

►In public link folder you can copy your public link address of your files directly as show in the below screenshot.

►Copy Public Link and use it any where you want to blogger.


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