Skip Ad fly,Link Bucks,Survey and more ads on Firefox and browser.

skip ads like adfly,linkbucks,surveys Today many ad-services and they are producing many different type ads like banners,pop-ups,Surveys and skip-ads,these type of annoying ads called Url Shortners.In this type of ads make redirecting the useful link with the ads page and also produce with skip button with timer.At the last week i am searching for a file about 2 hrs and at last i got the link to download it,Their i got irritating on that site with some deals pop-up surveys to complete without landing original page.I felt bad and went to add-on to disable this kind of ads in my browser(Mozilla) and at last i got it and installed add-on.Feel free on your computer.

We can’t say respected website owners,because they are working and earning money by monetize ads.

Add-on For Firefox  Users :- GreaseMonkey

For Google Chrome :-Installation Redirection Helper From Here (Follow the Instructions).

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