How to 'create and approval for facebook page'?

Every blogger or website owner wants to have a social sharing fan page like facebook,twitter and google+ etc,but there is no risk in making a website social page on twitter and google+.Even on facebook it is not hard but sometimes new vistiors to facebook fan page feel it is very hard they leave it and cannot see there visit at that location again.Because of the trouble that get while creating facebook fanpage and it shows

our automated system will not allow the name 'you selected name'.we have suggested the "your selected name"Learn more.

so don,t worry there is a easy way to accept your choice by facebook by following simple ways


Go to facebook create page and login with your facebook  id and password and it directs to the create page according to your specifications choose your specification and write name of your fan page and fill more details.

Then real trick starts from here sometimes it accept the names easily.But it is not easy to accept the page name easily.


To approval the your fanpage name make double click get started button continously then it accepts the page and redirects to the further details of your fanpage.




 You can watch video of this article




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