How to design a blogspot or blogger

how to design your blogspot?

‘Designing of blogspot ‘correctly make the blogger to be top among ranking,to become a good designer and attract he visitors to be stay update on your can also raise up your earnings by attracting the visitors with new posts.Follow the some below tips which i follow and give for your to make your blogspot design attractive to see:
how to design your blog Never make the page full of gadgets,it feel the visitors the blog run on gadgets than posts.

how to design your blog Add social sharing buttons to blogger at the right top sidebar,this makes the visitors to share your site.

how to design your blog Make to see one blog post on google search engine on top,you know one blog post can change ranking of your blog,if their is matter in your blogger.

how to design your blog Make updates to visitors to adding the Subscription to email gadget by feed burner.

how to design your blog Customize your blogspot with colors that make your template to be look beautiful.

how to design your blog Use tables to indicate some codes like html,css and more.

how to design your blog Don’t forget to add a image to every post

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