Add related posts(you may also like) widget in only 2minutes for blogger

add related posts widget to your bloggerAfter reading  the every post by your blogger visitors want to search for the related you can add the ‘related posts’ or ‘you may also like’ widget with thumbnails of the post .which may increase your traffic and also increase in your page views because this a attractive widget for blogger visitors.
See live demo at the end of my posts
How to add related posts with thumbnails widget to blogger in 2seconds?
1.Login to blogger.
2.keep blogger aside.
3.Go to linkwithin.NO sign ups
4.Fill your email address,your website url,platform(blogger),width(Number of related posts want to dispaly under each post)
5.Click on ‘get widget’ button
6.It redirects to next page. In the first point click on ‘Install widget’.
7.follow instructons and add to your blog successfully

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